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Acidity or hyperacidity are quite common conditions and usually not derived from a serious medical situation. While most people have suffered from acidity for some people the problem is more regular than others. There are also many people who suffer intermittent bouts of acidity with no obvious reason.

The crux of the problem lies in our digestion. The digestive system produces the requisite acids through the cells within the lining of the stomach to dissolve and digest our food. This is a perfectly natural process which allows digestion of meals and snacks. The problem arises when the cells produce more acid than actually required for digestion and needs of the stomach. It is easily felt by one who suffers from such a condition by the burning sensation mostly felt around the stomach and the lower regions of the chest. For those afflicted with acid regurgitation the sour tastes perpetrate the mouth area when lying down or reclined in an horizontal position. This acid regurgitation usually causes heartburns or a burning sensation in an around the heart area and is often confused as an early symptom to a cardiac arrest.

Common cause of acidity

AcidityThe most common cause of acidity is the intake of foods that you eat. A high protein or carbohydrate diet could easily activate acidity as these foods are difficult to dissolve and initiates the stomach to pump more acid usually leading to overdoses of production of acid resulting in acidity. There are also certain medical conditions that cause acidity such as:

1.Gastroesophagal Reflux Disease (GERD) – The acid flows up from the stomach to the esophagus. This the causes heartburns and a bitter taste in the mouth

2.HELICOBACTER PYLORI – caused by smoking or intake of high protein food and even stress. The stomach then produces pepsin and acidic enzyme which is actually a bacteria which leads to ulcers.

3.ZOLLINGER-ELLISON SYNDROME – a natural cause where the afflicted produces more acid than required irrespective of the diet. This is a congenital condition among some individuals through the excess presence of a hormone called Gastrin which pumps in more acid than required.

4.HYPERCALCEMIA – Excess of calcium in the stomach causing acidity. This is generally caused by metabolic disorders or thyroid problems. Renal failure may also cause hypocalcaemia. The problem arises when the individual finds it difficult to digest the calcium in the diet causing this excess in the stomach.

5.GALLSTONES – persons afflicted with Gallstones are prone to acidity attacks as the gall bladder primarily regulates and stabilizes gastric acid in the body. The stones causes the function to be impaired causing acidity.

Treatments available for acidity

The treatments available for acidity and other related conditions is mostly available through over the counter (OTC) antacid tablets (RANTAC being the most common) or syrups manufactured by a host of pharmaceutical companies. For those that are afflicted to regular bouts of acidity through a more serious condition doctors usually prescribe Omeprazole, Lansoprazole or Ranitidine to treat this problem.If you are suffering from regular bouts of acidity for no apparent reason you could check with your medical practioner for the above conditions for complete cure.

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